Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First snow

The fiber show went well - considering we had 1.61 inches of rain on Saturday - Sunday turned out much better. It is a growing show that I hope to do next year too.
The first snow is here - and it seems no one is happy except me and the dogs :) This rooster is called D. King - he has that white hair tuft thing going. This is his first snow too.
The snow is a heavy snow - the hemlock is touching the ground it's so heavy. It makes for a pretty snow scene but the electric usually goes out.
The trees behind the barn and the old coop are draped in snow - very pretty - cold. All animals are tucked away and warm :) Good day to stay in and spin!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Knitting Needles

I ordered the Options needle set from I also ordered a 40" long cable so I could make socks on one round needle. I loved the 40" cable and needles - sock making is very fast and easy now - really enjoyable!

I opened my Options set and found that the cable ends came right off when I picked them up! I called knit picks customer service and thought sure I was in for a bad time. I told the gal what happened and without any hesitation she said "I will be glad to send new cables right out" - no charge!

With customer service like that why would anyone shop anywhere else?!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alpaca Wonders

The more I get to know the alpacas the more I love them. They are big but gentle, I can harness them myself, and walk them two at a time. They watch everything - really. They eat from my hand and spit on my husband :) They know who feeds them :) Getting ready for the show - weather looks cold for Saturday - Sunday is better.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


My fiber farm is growing - we've added two alpaca fiber boys. They are named Poncho and Toby. They came from my friends Diane's alpaca farm, this is the link to her site: Rainbow Mountain Alpacas They are gorgeous boys! Poncho is a true black and Toby is a medium fawn. They are two years old - I've spun their fiber for the past two years - and when they came up for sale I had to have them - the fiber is just fabulous!! The black is very fine and soft - unusual for a black alpaca. Toby, the fawn has a great shine and nice crimp. I can walk them together on halters and they behave very well. The chickens threw them off a bit - they are free range chickens - something they'll have to learn to like I guess.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fiber Festival

The trees are so pretty now, the leaves are starting to fall. On October 24, 25 and 26 we will be at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival. It's in Va, should be nice chilly weather - great for wool and yarn buying - the chill just puts you in the mood to knit :) I am in about 7 shows a year, this is the last on for the year. Joe is coming with me - we'll be taking the trailer - yippee!! When we take the trailer it's kind of like a mini vacation :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Green Weed Eaters

When I hung my clothes out to dry - I was considered a hick, hillbilly or hay seed. We heat with wood and grow a garden too. NOW we are considered green and everyone wants to know "the secret" Ha Ha Ha!!! I guess it's true - what goes around comes around :) There is no real secret - it's just that most people who live in the country are conscious of what they do and how it will effect the rhythm of it. What you put on the ground comes back thru your food in some way, as well as what you put in the air. Okay - off the soap box now :)

This week I figured out another way of going green .... I have a wash tub by the barn - near the rain barrels - I use the rain barrels to catch rain water - I use it for the animals, garden and washing animal bowls, pans etc. The weeds were getting high around the tub- I threw some bird seed in the weeds under it, and let the chickens have at it. In no time the weeds were gone, the chickens were fed AND they not only weeded but they fertilized too :)) Am I green or what?! Tee hee - I now put bird seed somewhere I wanted weeded once a day - no loud and smelly weed eater and no gas used!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Easter Eggs all around

We ordered chickens this spring - a few rainbow layers and a few speckled sussex. The speckled lay large brown eggs - the rainbows lay green, blue and pink eggs. Really. I was so excited when they started laying. It's nice to go to the coop to get eggs - you never know what color will be there. We turned an old outbuilding into a coop - it doesn't leak and has a window - added a few perches and and a nest box - instant coop. Now if I could just keep the sheep out of it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Boys

This is part of my fiber on the hoof so to speak :) They are 5 angora goats. They are all wethers - now just over a year old. From left to right names are: Hoss, Spanky, Rufus, Buster and Clyde. Their favorite game is to see where they can crawl out from under the electric fence. When one gets out the others cry until he's back in. I think they are telling on the one that's out. We sheared them twice since we've had them. The first year was almost comical if it wasn't for the tears - mine! The second year I put them on a lamb stand instead of the way we learned at shearing school - it went much easier and I could do it by myself. When they were up there I also trimmed hooves, wormed and vaccinated - all at one time - less stress on them and me :) I've spun their fiber straight and mixed with wool - I like it mixed better. I mixed it with dorset wool - dorest is really a meat breed sheep- but the fiber is nice. It has a staple of about 4" - it's crimpy- almost springy - I love it. Try it if you get a chance.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here we go....

Hi all!
I've been asked to start the blog - again :) I will try to blog more often - really! Hopefully I can give you an idea of where I will be for show's and what news there is on the farm. There is much to report on the animals - have been adding to the fiber flock - much to my husbands dismay. Shows are winding down - one to go for the year.