Monday, October 13, 2008

Green Weed Eaters

When I hung my clothes out to dry - I was considered a hick, hillbilly or hay seed. We heat with wood and grow a garden too. NOW we are considered green and everyone wants to know "the secret" Ha Ha Ha!!! I guess it's true - what goes around comes around :) There is no real secret - it's just that most people who live in the country are conscious of what they do and how it will effect the rhythm of it. What you put on the ground comes back thru your food in some way, as well as what you put in the air. Okay - off the soap box now :)

This week I figured out another way of going green .... I have a wash tub by the barn - near the rain barrels - I use the rain barrels to catch rain water - I use it for the animals, garden and washing animal bowls, pans etc. The weeds were getting high around the tub- I threw some bird seed in the weeds under it, and let the chickens have at it. In no time the weeds were gone, the chickens were fed AND they not only weeded but they fertilized too :)) Am I green or what?! Tee hee - I now put bird seed somewhere I wanted weeded once a day - no loud and smelly weed eater and no gas used!