Monday, October 6, 2008

The Boys

This is part of my fiber on the hoof so to speak :) They are 5 angora goats. They are all wethers - now just over a year old. From left to right names are: Hoss, Spanky, Rufus, Buster and Clyde. Their favorite game is to see where they can crawl out from under the electric fence. When one gets out the others cry until he's back in. I think they are telling on the one that's out. We sheared them twice since we've had them. The first year was almost comical if it wasn't for the tears - mine! The second year I put them on a lamb stand instead of the way we learned at shearing school - it went much easier and I could do it by myself. When they were up there I also trimmed hooves, wormed and vaccinated - all at one time - less stress on them and me :) I've spun their fiber straight and mixed with wool - I like it mixed better. I mixed it with dorset wool - dorest is really a meat breed sheep- but the fiber is nice. It has a staple of about 4" - it's crimpy- almost springy - I love it. Try it if you get a chance.