Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mimi has a brand new coat

About 2 weeks ago my chihuahua name Mimi was diagnose with cushings disease. She started her meds two days ago - found a pharmacy to compound the right pill for her size. Yay! She’s still bald on her side - so this is the first coat. There is no pattern - I just started knitting - by the time I was finished she was a bit miffed because I kept trying it on her :} DH said she looks like a watermelon - I hope she didn’t hear that! I started in the back with 10 stitches - increasing made it form a semicircle around her tail - very cool - then I worked up to the front - worked a band around the neck. Went back in with a crochet hook and did the collar and the belly band. I like the pattern - wish I wrote it down so I could do it again :)