Friday, July 3, 2009

Fuzzie Veggies

So this year I tried something new - I was going to get control of the weeds once and for all! I read somewhere on the net that scrap wool (2nd cuts and dirty wool) was a great weed barrier. Hmmm....I have scrap wool I thought to myself in the spring - I will put it down like a weed cloth and then I won't have to weed so much :) Great idea! What didn't blow away the birds took to build nests (really - there is a nest in the barn that has black fiber in it) - so I put more on. It did help keep the weeds down - but here is the bad side - when I picked my garlic, beans, carrots, onions - I also had bits of wool on them...ugh! I washed every veggie really well - scrubbed with a veggie brush even - but when it's wet you can't see those two or three fibers stuck on the beans like cement - not until it dries and then you can see it. I will not be using the wool next year - I only hope that I can get it out of there so that we may have less fuzzie veggies in the future.