Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Lakes Fiber Festival

Hot - is the best way to describe this weekend. We didn't get a drop of rain which was nice - but boy was it hot! Saw some vedor friends and some return customers - always love catching up! Made a new mill contact as well. My friend Kathy drove up Saturday - we shopped while DH watched the stand - gotta love a guy like that! Nice visiting with her - and I think she single handedly helped the ecomny get back on track - if I remember correctly she made more than a few trips back to the car to unload :)
We are unpacking and packing - off to the beach for 10 days - woohoo! I have two new yarn shops to visit down there- and the outlets to browse - lots of good eats and drinks - laying in the sun - napping - spinning and knitting - does it get any better?!