Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dye Pot

Last week was shearing for our alpacas - so in the dye pot it goes. I've dyed a mix of alpaca and dorset - alpaca will give it a nice soft feel and the dorset will make it strong. Great fiber for socks or gloves - anything that takes some wear.

The First two are out of the pot and drying. The second two are still in the pot.

I also have some dorset soaking in a pan of black walnuts. It looks like a medium brown right now - maybe I'll give it a day or two to get darker.

My alpaca vest is almost finished. In the morning before the sun is up I sit and drink coffee and knit - my chihuahua sits by me - mostly sleeping and snoring -her not me- I got up this morning and found that I had covered her up while I was working on my vest: it must be warm because she didn't wake up for the pictures.