Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shetland Rooing

I didn't know what Rooing meant. It's not a disease - it is when a shetland throws/blows/sheds it fleece and it can be hand pulled or rooed. I started noticing that our Farm Ambasador - Clem (he does a meet and greet to anyone that comes to the farm including but not limited to the UPS Guy who now gives both the dogs and the sheep treats upon arrival)- was looking a bit ragged. He was leaving little tufts of fiber around the pen. I pulled at a lock and it came right out! I went to the net and started looking at my shetland newsgroups. I found that some shetlands will do that in late spring or early summer. I put him on the stand and started plucking - it is easy to do if it's ready - and it leaves about an inch of new fiber or rise.

Full coat :
Starting at top of back:

Section of back done:

Backside and down legs almost done:
Backside and legs done and cleaned up with scissors:

He has about and inch of new soft fiber. There is still a bit around his head and neck - I'll leave it for a few weeks and check it - hopefully it will pluck off - if not then I'll shear the rest. The fiber is very soft - I've start washing it :) Clem is a spotted shetland - the fleece is white, with spots of rose grey :)