Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spider vs Blind Person

I wear glasses - at night when I go up to bed I leave them downstairs because I will forget to pick them up in the morning on the way downstairs. I am fairly blind with out them - I can see close up but not any further than 5 feet. As I walked into the bedroom I saw a small black thing moving across the ceiling over my bed. I know it's a bug - probably a spider - that I don't want to share my bedroom much less my bed with. I stand still - not knowing what to do. If I go down to get my glasses and come back he will surely be gone - then I won't be able to sleep in my bed with both eyes closed - one eye will have to be open to look for the bug all night. I turned to the book shelf to get a book - even if I can't really see it I can still whack it. As I turn I hear a "tink" noise - it fell off the ceiling and on to the comforter. ON THE BED! YIKES! I can't see it - I stand in my flannel pj's - book held high above my head for the whack if I spy the bug. It's a waiting game - blind person vs bug. I started to move a fold in the blanket and there it was - a black spider - I whacked 'em - a bunch of times. Even a blind person gets a spider once in a while :)