Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I decided in the beginning of December that I would stop complaining about the size of my butt and start doing something. I watch what I eat - I stink at it as I have no self control - but I still try :) I also started walking. First it was a 20 minute walk, then the next day it was 30. Now I am up to an hour and it is a hike instead of a walk. Thru the woods on old logging roads - around a corn field that is 40 acres and a good grade uphill - in the beginning I had to stop at one point to make sure my lungs stay inside where they belong - that's always good :) Now I can do it without stopping :) My husband - works 12 hours then come home and eats breakfast - helps me feed the animals and then goes on a walk with me. You have to love a man like that :) He has never said anything about my ever expanding bottom - I think he just likes to take the walk with me and the dogs. I try to go every day - at the very least I go every other day. I dragged my feet at first - but now I look forward to the hike, over the river and thru the woods to thinner thighs I go :)