Saturday, December 6, 2008

New rabbits

Two of my Giant Angora rabbits were due to have kits - I bred them both at the same time because I know that one of them - Frankie - is a bad mom - and I could foster her kits with PH if she still decided to be a bad mom. Ph had a litter of 8 - in the barn of the coldest day of the year - and all were fine. She pulled enough hair for a litter of 30 - there must have been half a grocery bag full! Both of her front legs, her chest and her belly are completely bald! She's a good mom :) Frankie has been known not to cover her babies and also not to feed them. I put her in the house - (yes my house can you believe it?) after a few days of doing the hay dance (she gathers hay in her mouth and wonders around the cage - her version of nesting) she had a litter of 8 - 5 made it - she didn't cover them - I had fiber from her last shearing and covered them - I put her back in the cage with them and hoped for the best. After a few minutes she began pulling the hay out of the nest box and eating it - she had no concern for the kits. I took her to the barn- put PH and her babies and frankies babies in the house. So far pretty good - we lost the runt from ph's litter and I suspect the runt from frankies may not make it either. I have been giving ph plenty of food - and calf manna sprinkled over her food - she loves that and a piece of stale bread. All 12 are doing well and look like they are being fed. The father of ph was from a litter of 14 - so I'm hoping she will follow suit.

It's been so cold the eggs are freezing and breaking before I can get them collected! It is going up to 48 tomorrow - yipee!