Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Egg Snatcher

Every evening when I feed the animals I check the coop for eggs. I usually put the eggs on a wall near the house to be collected when I finish feeding. Last night I thought I put two eggs on the wall - but when I went to collect them they were gone. I checked the barn, my studio, everywhere I could think of - twice. I didn't want to find the darn eggs days or months later by the smell of them. I was stumped - thought I was losing it - getting old etc etc. This morning I checked the coop for eggs, I got two. My saved stray dog Boy followed me - showed great interest in my hand with the eggs. That little bulb popped on on top of me head - I gave boy the hairy eye - and knew I had to test him. I put the eggs on the wall and went into the house. Boy sat by the wall and watched the house for a minute, then went and put his paws on the wall and collected his eggs. UGH!!! I yelled and he ran, with the egg. Now I'll have to find a new place to put them - a place that he can't get and that I can remember ;)

I voted this morning - keeping my fingers crossed! I made ravioli this afternoon. When I was on the last strip (I have that little tray that you lay the dough in and put in the filling and then lay the dough on top) my husband sat down to watch. He said that the machine was amazing - and that he thought I made each one by hand - filling and pinching it shut. Shoot - I could have milked that one for some points had he not seen me in action! Live and learn and hide your eggs!